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Is EBI Camp a non profit?

We’re a non-profit social enterprise hybrid exploring new ways to create truly sustainable positive change. We support a range of social programs with revenue from service-learning adventures. We’re a non-profit-for-profit: we’re a hybrid with a mission. What this means
We believe the key to empowering poor communities lies in linking social programs to sources of revenue. Consistent revenue makes social impact truly sustainable. That’s why we have two parts: one non-profit and one for-profit. How it works
As a social enterprise, we create trailblazing service-learning adventures to inspire our guests. As a non-profit, we empower our community to break the cycle of generational poverty through offering employment, educational, and professional development opportunities. And as a hybrid, we tie the two together by channeling all profits into our Cashew Family Foundation. The result is truly sustainable positive change that grows organically, rather than through donation dependence.

Am I eligible?

We seek open minded and energetic people, either students, colleagues, or adventurous travellers from around the world, who are eager to do community service, interact with locals, and learn about other cultures.

What should I pack?

• Flashlight or headlamp • Camera • Appropriate footwear for hikes • Flipflops (thongs) for shower and bathroom use • Clothing should be durable and comfortable: lightweight and breathable materials work best in this climate • Bring wet weather gear, like a rain jacket or poncho, especially when visiting during the rainy season • Long pants and long-sleeved shirts will protect you from bugs and the cool nights • Enough change of clothes, keeping in mind that you are likely to sweat during activities Sunscreen, hat and bug repellent • Reusable water bottle • Small backpack for daily use • Electronic device converters
o Bali uses the two pin plug or socket, so you may need to bring a converter for your devices • Personal toiletries o Eco-Camp only provides shampoo and body wash • A good book to read, a journal, musical instruments, or games for relaxing time

Donations to our preschool or Eco-Camp are always welcome: • Children’s books in Indonesian (preferable) or English • Educational materials • Sports equipment • Craft supplies (paint, paintbrushes, arts and crafts materials) • Games and toys • Toothbrushes and toothpaste

What is the weather like in Bali?

The Indonesian climate is tropical, warm, and humid all year around with two main distinctive seasons; dry season and rainy season. The average daily temperature is about 28 degrees Celsius or 82 degrees Fahrenheit, at 60-85% humidity. In the rainy season (around November-March), heavy showers will fall almost every day, although they don’t last the whole day. Even though it can get quite hot in the summer, we curate all programs in a way that activities during the peak hot hours of the day, the guests are either indoors or in the shade. We take extra precautions, for example, by including cooling off activities (a trip to refreshing waterfalls, snorkeling), and by providing enough water and extra shade hats. Because we are quite high up in the mountains, luckily the temperature drops at night. We even need to provide blankets!

What will the food be like?

The kitchen at Eco-camp is busy cooking up delicious Balinese and Western favorites! From Gado Gado to house-made pasta, you are bound to eat well at East Bali Immersion! We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner according to your custom itinerary.
Try your hand at cooking in our cooking class and then enjoy the rewards of your labor! Meals are prepared with local ingredients and produce fresh from our own garden! If you have any questions about our delicious food, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

What should I expect?

• Prepare yourself to embark on an adventurous camping experience! While you will have to leave some of your usual luxuries behind, you’ll soon become accustomed to living the simple life, “unplugging” from technology and immersing in the breathtaking nature. • An orientation tour of our property at the start of your stay
o Be sure to let us know of any mobility or health issues you have before your arrival • An English speaking guide will be with you for all activities Health and safety
o Eco-Camp provides carefully cooked meals with clean fruits and vegetables o Clean drinking water will be available at all times • Eco-Camp provides towels and bed linens • Getting active
o Most of our activities require some form of physical exertion, ranging from very mild to intensive
o Walking through the Eco-Camp property and to the activity locations (where possible) also keeps you fit • Facilities o There is limited cellphone reception and NO WIFI available
o Be sure to conserve water by taking showers of 3 minutes or less o There are no mirrors
o There is no laundry facility available

Do I need to bring a backpack or can I bring rolling luggage?

Firstly: Pack light! You will be responsible for carrying your own bag to your accommodation, about a 5 to 10 minute walk uphill on a cleared pathway. We recommend that you pack a backpack or other bag that can be easily carried rather than bringing a rolling bag.

What about dietary restrictions?

Our kitchen staff does their best to accommodate all special needs. They are amazing cooks and can make everything from vegan to gluten free taste delicious. Just let us know beforehand!

Is it safe to sleep next to a volcano?

Yes it is! Mount Agung is 14 kms away from our beauitful ecolodge. This is a more than a safe enough distance.

Where do we get our water?

We locally source our water from wells in Tianyar and use our water for drinking, cooking, and watering.

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