Anakardia kids preschool

Empowerment through education begins with our children. Opened in 2014, East Bali Cashews founded the on-site Anakardia Kids Preschool which caters to the physical, emotional and educational needs of community children ages 2 to 6. Over 60 children from our community currently benefit from this education, setting them up to achieve better and brighter futures.


AnaKardia gives the children of Desa Ban a head start in life by providing a safe, healthy and enriching early learning environment. With seven full-time teachers, regular pediatrician visits and quality nurturing, we go a long way to provide early childhood care which is so dearly needed in our community.

We are proud to give the children of our community a chance to grow alongside us. This is where we believe generational change starts, slow but sustainable.

The Farmers Education Center

Sharing the most optimal farming practices through training, education and access to tools and methods for farmers is an important part of increasing family incomes. We have a strong commitment to help farmers in the region gain access to the resources and knowledge that will improve the landscape and the quality of life in Desa Ban.


New Crops

We observed that after cashew season was over (it lasts just three months), there was little that could grow and provide income for the poor farmers of the area who survive on subsistence agriculture. So, we did what we do best, and found a solution to the fickle dry season of East Bali. After testing several resilient high-value crops to find the ones that would grow well in the arid environment and provide farmers with another source of income outside of cashew season, rosella, sorghum and ginger emerged.

Village Drying Centers

After being harvested, cashews easily rot while waiting to be being transported for drying, so we decided to do something about it. We introduced 8 Village Drying Centers so that our farmers’ cashews can be dried on site and stored for longer, so that pests don’t get to them.

This basic step has further empowered the farmer families of Desa Ban to become involved in quality management, raising their yearly incomes by 30 percent.

Cashew Seedling Project

Many cashew trees in Bali are old, dying and far past their most productive days. To combat the Farmers' declining yields, we are rejuvenating the landscape with the Cashew Seedling Project.

We are generating better strains of cashew trees to replace the less productive, old cashew trees from the 1980's. We do this by buying the old trees from farmers and exchanging them for new ones. 

Bali Highlands Organic

We have our own pig and chicken farm that provides us with meat and dairy. This farm is run by Bali Highlands Organik, a side project of our founder Aaron, and produces free-range, antiobiotic-free pork and chicken.  They work with local farmers, providing the feed, pigs, and vets. The farmers provide the land and the time to care for the pigs. We run this project to support the local community, because pig farming provides a great alternative source of income for farmers that does not rely on weather conditions like plant harvest does.

Employment & Professional Development

We believe the key to sustainably empowering communities lies in linking social programs to constant sources of revenue.


By offering well-paying jobs in an impoverished area where work is scarce, East Bali Immersion Camp empowers the local villagers to lift themselves out of poverty. By retraining autonomy and incorporating an economic model, our social enterprise model is a sustainable, secure method of addressing poverty. It creates drive, stimulates growth and encourages creativity.


We take pride in giving our employees the opportunity to learn, grow, and develop themselves. We offer in-depth training for our skilled and motivated staff members to cultivate their leadership abilities and contribute beyond their imagination to our community.

Improving our eco-lodge facilities and educational programs is a team effort. Everyone has their own unique contribution. EBI camp feels like working in a family, and that is what you notice when you set foot on our land.

Tianyar, Kubu, Karangasem Regency, Bali, Indonesia

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