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The best moment of my life

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Looking out at the world from the peak of this mountain made me realize how minuscule my issues are, and I instantly increased my gratitude towards life.

Chloe (front row, third from left) during her traditional Balinese Melukat purification ritual at Tap Sai Temple

As a privileged white American, my experience at East Bali Immersion was beyond rewarding and life changing. The combination of service work, learning through working for the East Bali Cashew company, and going on fun adventures made me want to stay there forever.

Once I’d experienced how passionate the East Bali Cashews staff are about the work they do, my whole perspective on working changed. They are so thankful that the company provides them with money, a comfortable environment and a place for their children to receive an education. Everyone’s positive attitude and care for one another was so beautiful and unique for me to witness.

My favorite part of the East Bali Immersion program was that the camp environment has a more ‘homey’ feeling than home.

I experienced many once-in-a-lifetime moments during my 13 days at East Bali Immersion. I cannot possibly provide a detailed description of all the different activities I did every day (that would be a book!), but here are some experiences that stood out to me the most...

The best experience was partaking in the most gorgeous sunrise hike of all time. Reaching the top of the mountain, and looking out at a 360-degree view of Bali was the best moment of my life.

In that moment, I fully appreciated nature, and I realized we are all so small in comparison to the large world with its many different people, cultures and events. Looking out at the world from the peak of this mountain made me realize how minuscule my issues are, and I instantly increased my gratitude towards life. I felt like I was on top of the world.

As part of my immersion program, I also paved roads. Driving over huge potholes every day is very challenging for the staff members and visitors, so I felt motivated to complete this necessary work. I felt so accomplished knowing that as a result of my effort during those hours, my new friends in the team at camp will be able to travel to places much more safely and smoothly.

Around the East Bali Immersion camp in the remote village of Tianyar, there is no trash collection service like we have in America, so we also did a trash cleanup one morning, which made me incredibly sad to see how easily we are killing our Earth. Trash is hidden in America, so we think less about it. But not here. This experience made me want to change my own ways as an individual to help save our planet.

Lastly, laying out on the hammocks at night while relaxing and watching the vast sky light up with stars; a volcano to my right and the ocean to my left was a feeling of pure bliss. The way East Bali Immersion makes the nature around them more accessible, and a part of their everyday lives is brilliant.

Through East Bali Immersion, I learned lessons that are not required, but ones you have to figure out for yourself through experience.

I learned the kinds of lessons that books or people cannot teach you.

I learned about another culture by taking on a different perspective.

I learned what ultimately matters in life: the importance of simplicity, positive thinking, and taking care for everyone.

I am so lucky to have experienced a place as wonderful as East Bali Immersion. It will always have a special place in my heart.

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Tianyar, Kubu, Karangasem Regency, Bali, Indonesia

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